ProfessionMedical / Health
Duration2+ years
Job ID1715
날짜2023년 3월 17일

This busy rural hospital to the east of the capital city provides primary hospital services to the district and the surrounding five districts. All medical officers work across the medical disciplines particularly in paediatrics obstetrics orthopaedics general surgery and adult internal medicine. The hospital has a TB DOTS programme a family planning and immunisation clinic and a mothers waiting home (for women approaching the end of their pregnancies).

The current Medical Superintendent is retiring in early 2024 and succession planning for this post has begun. Responsibilities include oversight of all clinical aspects of care of the hospital working in partnership with the Nursing Superintendent and working closely with the team of doctors at the hospital in a consultant capacity enabling them to do their work as well as possible. There is a strong emphasis on teaching and learning within this hospital.The post also involves membership of the hospitals Internal Management Committee participating in decision-making processes of executive administrative and strategic direction and planning for the hospital.

Potential candidates for this position will be experienced medical doctors in rural general practice / family medicine preferably with some procedural skills.