Duration2+ years
Job ID1389
날짜2023년 2월 22일

The school touches the lives of young people from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life who come to this place to live and learn together. Based on a broad challenging and holistic educational programme the school develops young people who become confident individuals effective leaders successful learners and responsible global citizens.

DP Biology and MYP Integrated Science: The school is seeking a dynamic and experienced teacher who is capable of teaching DP Biology and MYP Integrated Science with a February 2019 start date. IB experience preferred. This is a full-time position at Asias oldest international residential school. The school is a leader in providing experiential and holistic education to children from around the world. Additional leadership responsibilities may be available.

The school is looking for committed people to work with them using their skills and professions. They are looking for qualified people with experience in their specific fields.Skills and Qualifications Required: A Bachelors or Masters/Doctoral degree from an accredited institution in Biology /Science and/or in Education valid Certification(s)/ Teaching License in Science at least 3-5 years full-time teaching experience in the relevant subject area fluency and accuracy in written and spoken English good computer skills and proven ability to work effectively in a team. International experience in a multicultural environment is desirable.