ProfessionMedical / Health
Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years
Job ID1367
날짜2023년 1월 15일

This charitable organisation works primarily in healthcare but also in other areas for the development of society. It exists to promote the health and welfare of the local people. It aims to maintain the quality of life and the environment through healthcare and educational activities.

There are opportunities to become part of an NGO that provides among other things medical support care and life skills training at a male drug rehabilitation centre and medical support at a care centre for disabled children. Addicts and prostitutes who have come to know Jesus need psychological support counselling and medical advice. Although medical educational and project management skills are particularly useful the heart and passion of any potential partner is key.

Applicants should have a heart to bless the people of this region and a willingness to serve Father in unexpected ways. Although some medical and counselling skills are required a heart to serve with God for building His Kingdom is definitely needed. Good relationship skills are essential.